American Raised Outdoors

     Growing up in a small city in the Midwest, the great outdoors has been my escape and the way I was proudly raised. I am currently 20 years of age with 3 older sisters, and this outdoor way of life is what has made me the young man and outdoorsman that I am today. At age 7, I began chasing whitetail, turkey and shed hunting with our family dogs. These outings, that were shared with my dad and encouraged by my mom, fueled my deep passion for the outdoors. Anywhere from our home state where it all started, to our first out of state moose adventure, I have learned to enjoy more of God's creations each time. Chasing whitetail, waterfowl, turkey, sheds, moose and fishing for all species in our great country is something I am grateful for each and every day.

     My passion for drawing and photography has recently grown into something I never thought it would. Trying to recreate wildlife images on paper and capture outdoor moments through my lens is something I look forward to sharing with everyone.

     All of these experiences gave me a strong desire to share my passions and put my heart and soul into forming American Raised Outdoors. This venture allows me to show the true red, white and blue American I have been raised as over the years. My dream is becoming a reality and I am excited to see what the future holds.

     Our family has recently lost a loved one that I shared many outdoor memories with over the years and I want to have a portion of each sale donated in Uncle Davey's honor. The funds will go to Catch-A-Dream Foundation which helps provide an outdoor experience for those that may be suffering with a life threatening illness.

Welcome to American Raised Outdoors...where memories are made!

Thank you for your support!

Luke Champnella